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Club Championship 

Centurion Club Championship

The club championship , is a keenly contested internal club annual competition . Based on accumulative points in the local inter club races, over the qualifying Events .

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2016 Club Championship

Another day, another club championships update.
As tense as transfer deadline day (well, nearly), here are the biggest deals to celebrate:

    No change in the top five
    Theresa Woolley remains on her perch at the top of the cage
    In Theresa's shadow is Jeanette Robathan, in second place
    Still residing in third spot is Andy Burnett
    Clare Colquhoun (4th) and Sam Horsfall (5th) complete the top five
    Sarah Green is our star-climber, moving up two places to slip into tenth spot
    The WRRL table sees Theresa Woolley (1st), Jeanette Robathan (2nd) and Tanya Griffiths (3rd) make up the top three

    All is still in the top five places
    Staying at the top of the pile is Paul Davies, but Ed Wallace closes the gap a bit in second place
    Also making inroads is Thomas Healy, although he remains in third place
    Rounding off the top five are Eric Robathan (4th) and Andy Rea (5th)
    All should salute our highest climber, John Savin, who shoots up a terrific 5 places to reach 14th
    Other very worthy mentions include Neil Wilkes and John Curtin, who both climb 4 places to 21st and 26th, respectively, and Gavin Davies, who moves up three places to 8th
    We have two debutants in Vincent Burke (33rd) and Stuart Calderbank (37th), taking the number of competing male Centurions for the year to 40

Next Qualifying Race: Kenilworth Half - Sunday, 4 September

Latest Results table click . here

Club Championship Scoring Criteria 

How our competition works.
Below, you will find details of which races are included and how the scoring works. There are also some examples demonstrating how you might not always receive as many points as you were expecting!

Which Races?

Our championship standings are compiled from the results of cross country events, a series of road races and two road relays.

Cross Country: All four league races count (held in January, February, November and December), along with your best performance out of either of these two CRC Cross country races; Warwickshire County Championships (usually held in January) and Midland Championships (usually held in March ).
Please note that the 'Midland 5' and 'Midland 7' events do not count towards our championships. Neither do the relay event or the national championships.

Warwickshire Road Race League (WRRL): Your best seven performances out of 12 races, usually held between May and October, count.

Road Relays: Both events, usually held in March/April and September at Sutton park, are included.

For the cross country and WRRL races, note that each club member's 'position' is determined by the order in which they cross the finish line. For the road relays, the individual leg times are placed in time order.

How Does the Scoring Work?

After each race, I extract the members' finishing positions from the official results (see above note re finishing order) and compile a mini Centurion league. Each position is then awarded points, as follows:

1 - 280 points
2 - 260
3 - 250
4 - 240
5 - 235
6 - 230
7 - 225
8 - 220
9 - 215
10 - 210
11 - 209
12 - 208
13 - 207, etc.

Remember, as mentioned above, there are some event categories where only the best one of two (cross country - Warwickshire and Midland Championships) or best seven of twelve (WRRL) events count towards our competition. Therefore, there might be occasions where, although you take part in an event, you will score only a few or no points. Here's an example, based on the two cross country championships:

You take part in the first event (Warwickshire Championships), finishing as 4th Centurion, scoring 240 points. You then take part in the Midland Championships and finish in 6th place. As 6th place scores fewer points than 4th place, you would score no points for the second race.

Here's another example, based on the WRRL series:

You take part in the first seven races, with your lowest (Centurion) finishing position being 9th place, scoring 215 points. In race eight, you finish in 7th place, which scores 225 points. This would 'wipe out' your 9th place, replacing the 215 points with 225 points. As a result, your points tally increases by 10 points, rather than 225 points.

Wayne     ,
Club Recorder     Centurion Running Club.

2015 Club Championship

The Club Championship ,2015.
                                                                             2015 Results table click ... here ...

After Saturday's slightly muddy and smelly cross country trudge, our club championship standings have been updated.

Before I go into the details , I have great pleasure in announcing our Female and Male Club Champions for 2015! With just one race to go, neither leader can be caught, so huge congratulations to...

2015 Ladies Champion: Jeanette Robathan
2015 Male Champion: Paul Davies

Now the rest of the update.

  • Jeanette Robathan takes her tally at the top to over 3,000 points
  • The fight for the runner-up spot will go to the wire, with Tanya Griffiths (second) being kept on her toes by Alison Fergusson in third
  • Andrea Burnett and Theresa Woolley remain in fourth and fifth positions, respectively
  • The biggest (and only) climbers are Clare Colquhoun (up 1 to 8th), Ursula Scott (up 1 to 10th) and Sadia Butt (up 1 to 12th)
  • The cross county battle will be decided at the last event of the year. Jeanette Robathan currently heads the standings, with Tanya Griffiths (2nd) and Alison Fergusson (3rd) following closely behind

  • Without getting his shoes dirty, Paul Davies remains well out in front
  • Lee Caves (2nd) and Andy Rea (3rd) will go head-to-head at the last race of the season to decide who finishes in second place
  • As Ed Wallace will probably find it a little tricky to compete at December's race, he will struggle to challenge Lee and Andy for a podium finish. He remains in fourth place, though, so happy days
  • Making up the top five is the ever-present Adrian Lloyd
  • Our most impressive climbers are headed by Dan Wrenn, who moves up five places to sit in 10th spot
  • Other high-flyers include Wayne Muddiman (up 4 to 12th), James Eckloff (up 3 to 24th) and Len Wallace (up 3 to 25th)
  • Andy Rea sits pretty at the top of the cross country table, with Paul Davies in second and Dan Wrenn in third

Next (and final) qualifying race: Cross Country League races; Saturday, 5 December

Bye for now,


2014 Club Championship

After a year of non-stop action, our club championships have come to a close. Yesterday saw the sixteenth and final qualifying race of the year, with several Centurions taking part in cross country events across the region (well, in Northampton and Gloucester). Although the ladies champion had already been decided, there was still plenty to play for elsewhere. Here is your final summary...

    Emma Donnelly, having already been crowned defending ladies champion a month ago, storms past the 3,000-point mark
    Emma takes the title by a staggering 390 points over her nearest rival
    Deservedly taking the runner-up spot is Jeanette Robathan, capping a very consistent season
    Despite not competing yesterday, the last podium position goes to Tanya Griffiths
    Sharon Davies takes fourth place, setting herself up for a full assault next year
    Climbing two places to finish in fifth is Alison Fergusson
    The only other climber is Lucy McCann, who moves up one place to 9th
    Emma Donnelly also becomes the inaugural Ladies Cross Country Champion, followed by Alison Fergusson (2nd) and Jeanette Robathan (3rd)
    After taking the lead for the first time after race 15, Ian Satterthwaite hangs on to top spot to take the men's championship
    This is Ian's first championship, which comes after recovering from an injury at the start of the year
    After leading for most of the season, Paul Davies takes the runner-up spot
    The biggest battle of the season finale was for third place. Going into the last race, Thomas Healy trailed Wayne Muddiman by just 45 points
    After putting in a very fine performance at Gloucester, Thomas came exceptionally close to taking the honours, but he only managed to gain 30 points over his rival, meaning Wayne takes the final podium position by just 15 points
    Thomas finishes in fourth place, with Andy Rea remaining in a clear fifth spot
    After making his championship debut last time round, James Eckloff climbs a massive six places to 31st
    Other very notable climbers include Colin Corden (up five to 14th), Dan Wrenn (up four to 12th) and Matt Mullins (up four to 26th)
    Entering the fray at the very last minute is Pete Heald, who debuts in 37th spot
    Thomas Healy becomes the club's first Men's Cross Country Champion, with Ian Satterthwaite in second and Wayne Muddiman in third

So, there you have it. It's been a fantastic season, with a whopping 57 Centurions representing the club at qualifying events.

Here's to an even better 2015 :-) 

2014 Final Championship Points

2014 Link Championship Final points tables

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championship trophy 2014

Roll of Honour

Year            Ladies                                           Men   

2014          Emma Donnelly                           Ian Satterthwaite  

2015        Jeanette Robathan                        Paul Davies  

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