Centurion Running Club

Centurion Running Club

Centurion Pace Groups

      'Tuesday Night Pace Group Leaders Rota' 

The main club runs take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with Tuesday being the primary day.  The club operates a group of runs on Tuesdays, each lasting approximately 90 minutes and lead by an experienced club member.  Care is taken to ensure all runners remain accounted for, with one or two cut-off points and short cuts included to aid those wishing to run less than the full distance. The pace groups avoid delays in deciding which group to choose depending on your own or your Coaches recommended session for that night

Four running groups set off from the club's headquarters just after 7pm, each with an approximate flat road pace-range:

1 - 7:30-8:00 minutes per mile
2 - 8:00-8:45
3 - 8:45-9:30
4 - 9:30+

The club has a pool of leaders that takes these groups out and a timetable is maintained and published to all members on this website ,(or Centurion Facebook , Email etc. for last minute changes) .Naturally, the more leaders the club gets, the less often each one has to be called upon.  So, the club always needs more members to come forward.  Members don't have to know 'the usual club routes' to lead a group; they can make up their own.  The main tasks are to take a group out, run in the relevant pace-range window and make sure no-one gets lost.

A brief comment on the route chosen direction , whether ; hilly ,flat ,off-road etc. If you are joining new to a route or pace please let the leader know , ideally partner up . Any experienced runners joining a group for a brief period please again let the leader know to avoid confusion where some of group following you accidentally  , or believing you are missing


Please contact Wayne Muddiman    to add you name to the pace rota  .