Centurion Running Club

Centurion Running Club

Centurion Club Coaching

Centurion Club Coaching

If you want to be coached or just want some advice on running you can speak the club coaches

Eric Langford , Eric Robathan , Lou Satterwaite or Geoff Wheeler

They are usually at the club on Tuesday or Thursdays evenings (sometimes both nights ).

Bear in mind that coaches often have slightly different ideas and methods so you may wish to have a chat with each of them before deciding on who to follow .

Whoever you choose be guide solely by them . Rest assured that they all have the same objective to help you realise your full potential  This however will be largely down to you .

You will only improve by putting in the training .there are no short cuts !

Family in particular and other priorities can limit your training . This is unfortunate and canít be avoided but it will impact on your performances so its important that other distractions are kept to a minimum

Finally , please give the coaches a chance , You wonít improve overnight ,it takes time .Look for a year on year improvement

The coaches run several types of session ,  Fartlek on road & off road  , Track work and hill sessions etc.  

depending on the time of year , weather , lighting  , club races  .

please donít join a session without discussing it with your coach as all sessions are not suitable for everyone  ,

and also the session leader would need to have an understanding of your current level